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2 in 1 Pet Groomer - Professional Stainless Steel

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Why use multiple grooming tools when you only need one? Matted and tangled hairs don't stand a chance with our professional grade, two sided stainless steel groomer.  You will be blown away by how much dead hair our tool will remove from your pet!
  • DOUBLE SIDED HEAD: Start with 22 teeth side for taming stubborn knots, mats and tangles.  Then finish with the 90 teeth shedding brush for thinning and de-shedding.  Our professional pet grooming tool effectively reduces dead hair up to 95% and significantly reduces hair balls.
  • GENTLE ON YOUR PET:  Both sides of teeth are end rounded &  massage your pet's skin without scratching. At the same time, the teeth sharp are enough to cut the tough mats, tangles and knots without pulling. Finally, a pet brush that both you and your furry buddy will love!
  • ERGONOMIC:  Soft & comfortable anti-slip grip makes regular combing a breeze. The no-rust stainless steel teeth are ultra-durable & easy to clean. The hair our de-shedder collects can be removed with ease.
  • GREAT FOR DOGS AND CATS:  Our large brush is designed to work with small to large cats & dogs with any kind of coat or hair length.
  • OUR GUARUNTEE:  Put our pet groomer to the test & if for any reason, you or your pets don’t love it, return it for free!
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