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XL Cat Litter Trapper Mat - 30" x 26"

$41.00 $52.00

Does your kitty track litter all over your house after they step out of their litter box? Our Extra Large Cat Litter Mat will significantly cut down on litter tracking.  

NON FLIMSY:  Our mat is firm, shipped full size, and will lay flat immediately, so there is no break-in period.

DUAL LAYER:  Catches the litter that falls off your cat's paws inside the pocket. Then you can simply pour the trapped litter back into in your litter box.

EASY CLEANING:  You can run your vacuum on top of the outside of the mat or open the mat and empty the litter back into the litter box.

WATERPROOF:  The inner layer is waterproof to secure any accidents your furry buddy may have.

EXTRA LARGE  SIZE: At 29 3/4 inches long  x 25 3/4 inches wide the, Scooper Cleaner Extra Large Double Layer Cat Litter Mat is big enough to handle any size litter box (including our Stainless Steel Litter Box) & will make litter clean up a whole lot easier!

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