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Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar

$12.99 $14.99

Form, function and design were all at the forefront when constructing our brand new Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar.  It features a removable bell and a safety clasp that will prevent your cat from removing it, yet it will release easily for you or if your furry buddy gets the collar stuck on something.  Tip: Be sure to check out the pictures of our collars on different color cats to get a better idea of which collar will complement your furry buddy the best.

  • ADJUSTABLE CAT COLLAR DESIGN: Suitable for all stages of your cat's life, from a kitten to a senior cat. The collar is easily adjustable for neck sizes between 8-inches and 12-inches. 
  • DURABLE: In order to increase the strength and durability of the collar, it is constructed of a nearly one half inch wide single piece of rip-stop nylon.
  • REFLECTIVE STRIP SEWN IN:  The collar is designed to reflect ambient light in extreme low light conditions, providing maximum visibility for your furry friend at night.
  • FIVE COLORS AVAILABLE:  One of our vibrant colors is sure to complement your handsome or pretty feline.
  • WHY SCOOPER CLEANER? We're a small business with excellent customer service & always ready to help! Plus all our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!