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Clean your cat litter scooper as you clean the litter box

The "Scooper Cleaner's" stainless steel teeth will get in between the forks and into every other nook of a cat litter scooper to easily remove the mix of cat litter and waste that always gets stuck to litter scoopers. When the debris falls back into the litter box, scoop it up and easily discard with the rest of the cat litter waste!

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Easy Load Soft Travel Pet Carrier - 4 Way Open

Do you dread having to somehow corral your cat or small dog into the traditional, hard plastic, uncomfortable pet carrier with one small door? The Scooper Cleaner Easy Load Pet Carrier (17" x 11" x 11") for all cats and small dogs is not only collapsible but also has comfy accommodations inside & openings on FOUR different sides for quick loading and unloading of your pet.


Oak & Iron Elevated Pet Feeder (with mat)

Our hand crafted Oak & Iron Raised Pet Feeder not only looks stylish & matches any décor, but also provides a comfortable height for your furry buddy to eat and drink from. Elevated food bowls are proven to help with digestion, aides pets with limited mobility plus prevents pets from moving a floor level bowl around. Did we mention it comes with a mat?


Donut Pet Bed

Your pet will thank you

It's faux fur and cushy bedding area will not only instantly attract your cat or small dog, but it will forever become their favorite napping place, no doubt about it! 

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