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  • A mix of cat litter and cat waste always gets stuck to cat litter scoopers and especially gets embedded in between the forks. The design of Scooper Cleaner was born out of our frustrations with removing debris from the cat litter scooper after cleaning our litter boxes. The Scooper Cleaner's stainless steel teeth will get in between the forks and into every other nook of your cat litter scooper to easily remove waste without having to use a flimsy wipe or paper towel.                                                                                                                         

     Weight: 3.5 ounces


    L W D
    Overall 8.7" 2.3"  1" 
    Blade 3.7"  2.3" 1mm 
  • Stainless Steel Blade: Most Scraper blades are made from a thin alloy, not stainless steel so they bend, are hard to clean, and rust very easily. That's why we made our blade with a 1mm thick stainless steel blade that is tough, rust resistant and easy to clean.

    Fortified Handle:  The handle is comprised of a plastic Polypropylene wrapped by a sure grip Thermoplastic Rubber.

    Nail Hole & End Cap: Use the nail hole to hang up your scraper for easy storage and quick access. We did not cut any corners on this tool, both the nail hole and end cap are also stainless steel.

  • Scraper & 1 Gel Pad Holder:  Use the gel pad to stick your scooper cleaner to anything & anywhere you need it!  Washable: if it gets dirty, simply wash it with water, let dry, then re-apply.  Note: The gel pad sticks best to the blade not the handle.