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Cat Toys That Will Keep Your Feline Friend Entertained For Hours

Cat Toys That Will Keep Your Feline Friend Entertained For Hours
Cats are natural hunters, so they spend hours every day stretching and creeping around, hunting imaginary prey. As you can imagine, this gets exhausting pretty quickly, which is why you need to provide your feline friend with plenty of toys to keep them entertained and active. For some great cat toys, check out this list of cat toys that will keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

Interactive cat toys

An interactive cat toy can be a great way to occupy your cat’s time and provide her with mental stimulation. Check out these three examples: laser pointers, feather toys, and ball and ribbon toys. (Note: For safety reasons, never shine lasers in your pet’s eyes.)

Cat Ball Toys

Cats love playing with balls, and a cat ball toy can be a great source of exercise, entertainment and bonding time. These toys are typically made from plastic, wool or fleece. Some have bells inside or rope that jingles when your cat bats at it. You can also buy a track with several small balls on it so you can build an obstacle course for your cat to run through. You can also purchase a chaser ball tower that has one or more levels of balls on a track that cats can chase. This can keep her busy and happy while you’re gone all day at work. Boredom is an underappreciated cause of anxiety in cats; if you leave her alone all day every day, she’ll likely become unhappy or depressed—which could result in destructive behavior such as over-grooming or obsessive pacing.
There are also crinkle balls. The idea behind these toys is that cats love to chase after their prey and when they catch the crinkle ball, the sound it makes will make them think its real prey! Crinkle balls can simply be foil like balls or not even balls at all and resemble caterpillars or fish and come equipped with little handles so your cat can tug them around.

Treat dispensers and puzzles

If you’re looking to curb your cat’s aggressive or destructive behavior, it can be helpful to give him something else to focus on. Treat dispensers and puzzle toys are a great way to do that. Some cats will simply lose themselves in a treat dispenser, but others might need some guidance. Try placing some treats inside of a puzzle toy and then watch how they figure out how to get them out. Or you can try filling an empty cardboard box with crumpled paper (just make sure not to use any paper that has ink on it as it can be harmful if consumed), tie a string around one end, and let your cat have at it! Just make sure all toys are kept safe from other pets, children, or babies.

Cheap & Simple

Look no further than an empty box! One surefire way to make your cat happy is with an empty cardboard box. While some might see it as rubbish, a cardboard box can be one of your kitty’s favorite new toys—it offers different textures for pawing at and pouncing on, plus it can become a hiding place or even car ride toy once its initial appeal has worn off. Next most popular is a simple piece of string. Just drag it past your cat and watch him pounce and chase! You may not realize it right away, but once you start looking around at other common household items that can serve as budget friendly kitty entertainment devices, you’ll never look back!


Consider making your own tunnel with cardboard, or looking online to find one online  that’s durable and fits your budget. The great thing about tunnels is they can be used in several different ways; cats may prefer having it stretched out in front of them, two or more connected together, or between two pieces of furniture—the possibilities are endless! A good cat tunnel will allow your cat to have a fun time while staying safe at home without you worrying too much about her getting hurt. There are a lot of options when it comes to toys, but few come close to being as versatile as cat tunnels. The 

Pet Collapsible Cat Tunnel

 is durable, collapsible, extendable, 48 inches long and looks great in any home. Cats love their toys and usually play with them until they become unusable; so if you're trying to find a toy that will last longer than others, a good cat tunnel might just be what you need.

Scratching Post Plus Toy

When you’re picking out a cat scratcher, check out the ones that also have toys attached. This is especially true for kittens who are just learning how to scratch and play. Interactive toys will keep your kitty engaged and active, so they don’t fall into bad habits of chewing on inappropriate things (like furniture!).  A good scratching post with an attached toy is ideal because your feline friend can scratch away at their heart’s content while playing with their new toys.

Cat toys play a huge part in your cat's health, happiness and even the strength of your relationship with your furry buddy. The Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post Cat Scratcher Toy is a scratching post with two chaser ball tracks ,and a hanging sisal ball built in!

Check one or more if these cat toys today & I'll bet you have just as much fun as they do!


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