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What to Expect When Adopting a Dog

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog
If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, it can be hard to know what to expect and what to do when you bring your new dog home. From puppies to adult dogs, from pure breeds to mixed breeds, there are hundreds of different dogs out there that need forever homes and owners who will love them as much as they deserve to be loved. So whether you’re adopting your first dog or your hundredth, here’s what you can expect when bringing home your newest addition to the family!

Preparing for the Adoption

Before bringing your new dog home, there are several steps you’ll want to take, from making sure you can afford vet bills to making sure your pets and kids know how to act around a puppy.

Before you get your heart set on any one breed, it’s important to know that there are things that every dog has in common, regardless of how they were bred. For example, every dog needs proper nutrition and exercise. Each year, millions of dogs end up in shelters because owners weren’t prepared for what raising a dog entails or simply realized after taking on a new pet that their lifestyle just didn’t allow for them to keep their new addition happy and healthy. If you’re going to add a canine companion into your life, take some time before you do so and figure out what having (and caring for) a dog will entail. Will his food be an extra $50 per month? Will she need two 30-minute walks per day?

Also, in addition to adoption fees, & food, there are also veterinary expenses. Hopefully, you’ll never have an emergency situation with your new dog but if you do, it can quickly cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Make sure you have some sort of plan for veterinary care before getting a dog


The First Few Days

So you’ve taken your new dog home and now what? The first few days will be some of his or her most stressful. Your pup is in unfamiliar territory, and on top of that, there are people and other animals everywhere! If you have another dog at home, don’t worry—your newest family member will adjust faster than you think. For many dogs, it’s all about getting them used to their new surroundings through short walks and feeding them their regular meals in their new place. During these early days, be sure to give your dog plenty of attention; don’t leave him or her alone for long periods of time as he or she learns how things work in his or her new place.

Introducing Your New Family Member

After you've made an adoption appointment and had your new dog dropped off, make sure there is some downtime with just you and your pet. If you have other pets in your household, introduce them slowly to make sure it goes smoothly. Not only will having some one-on-one time help speed up bonding between you and your new dog, but it will also give him or her time to adjust before being introduced into a home with other pets. Most importantly, don't expect too much too quickly; even if you've brought home an adult dog that has been well socialized by their previous owner(s), they may still be apprehensive around strangers—especially during their first week or two with you.

Getting Settled in Together

As you settle into life with your new pup, keep in mind that his transition is likely going to be an adjustment period for both of you. Give him time to adjust and don’t expect your routine (or house) to stay perfectly clean until he’s adjusted. Keep things organized and make sure that any items that might be potentially dangerous are either well out of reach or removed from your home entirely. There’s nothing worse than discovering that your puppy has chewed through an electrical cord or your new shoes while they were bored during their adjustment period. And finally, take care of yourself! Your dog will quickly settle into his new home if he sees you as happy and relaxed—and taking care of yourself will make it easier for you too!

Life with Your New Pet

You’re excited, they’re excited...but then comes that first day. You open your eyes and realize you can no longer sleep in till noon and you need to walk your new friend. For anyone new to dog ownership, these are just some of many changes you may experience when it comes time for you and Fido (or Fidette!) to live together for keeps. The good news is that most dogs adjust well to their new home and make wonderful additions to a family; just keep in mind there will be certain challenges along with all of those rewarding times. In order for both you and your dog(s) to adjust more smoothly, know what typical issues arise after adopting a puppy or adult dog into your home.


If after years of dreaming about owning your own dog and taking care of an adorable puppy all by yourself, you've decided to adopt a dog. Congratulations on making such a great decision! Once you have your new your best friend with you every day, make sure to keep doing all those things that will ensure she is happy and healthy for years to come. Research everything from exercise requirements and dental hygiene methods to specific training techniques that will help her fit into her new home. And don’t forget about routine pet care activities like administering monthly flea treatments or trimming nails regularly!

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